Book Review: The Rebound Bet by Kaylee Spring

The Rebound Bet by Kaylee Spring After the end of another lackluster relationship, Beth takes Ruby to a bar to cheer her up. They make a bet that Ruby has to pick up the next guy who walks in the door. Enter Nathan. His friend Jonathan had the same idea to bring Nathan to theContinue reading “Book Review: The Rebound Bet by Kaylee Spring”

Book Review: Perfect Fit by Kaylee Spring

Perfect Fit by Kaylee Spring Friends Mia and Penelope are out shopping for something to wear to their high school reunion. While in one fast fashion store, Penelope runs off to deal with a feminine emergency. While she’s gone, Mia grabs various items and heads to the changing room. After trying on a pair ofContinue reading “Book Review: Perfect Fit by Kaylee Spring”