Trying to Finger Knit

Hello Friends! Today I’ll be sharing my adventures with finger knitting. I followed these instructions to finger knit a blanket. It took me about 14 hours over 2 days and one massive ball of yarn that you can get here. Although time consuming, finger knitting is pretty easy, you just have to have patience. MakingContinue reading “Trying to Finger Knit”

A Quick + Easy Upcycling Project

Hello Friends! Today I’ll be walking you through a quick and easy upcycle that I did using my Toronto Argonauts T-shirt. Before We’re starting out with a basic T-shirt in a size Large. Supplies For this upcycle, I’m just going to be cutting the shirt. The only supplies needed are a ruler, scissors (preferably fabricContinue reading “A Quick + Easy Upcycling Project”

Attempting Fabric Dyeing + Painting with Kool-Aid

Hello Friends! In this post I will be walking you through my fabric dyeing project for my Textile Fundamentals class. I decided to use Kool-Aid for this project because it is inexpensive and easily accessible. For fabric, I cut squares from white tulle and a long rectangle from a lightweight white cotton. I was tryingContinue reading “Attempting Fabric Dyeing + Painting with Kool-Aid”