Book Review: The Rebound Bet by Kaylee Spring

The Rebound Bet by Kaylee Spring After the end of another lackluster relationship, Beth takes Ruby to a bar to cheer her up. They make a bet that Ruby has to pick up the next guy who walks in the door. Enter Nathan. His friend Jonathan had the same idea to bring Nathan to theContinue reading “Book Review: The Rebound Bet by Kaylee Spring”

Book Review: Never Nerida by Shane Drummy

Never Nerida by Shane Drummy Eight year old Livia Karras survives a car crash that kills her parents and after saving her pet fish, lies down to die herself. But, 20 years later, she is still alive. After a rough life of bullying and changing foster homes, Livia prefers to keep to herself. A randomContinue reading “Book Review: Never Nerida by Shane Drummy”

Book Review: Relatively Strange by Marilyn Messik

Relatively Strange by Marilyn Messik Relatively Strange by Marilyn Messik is set in England and is told from the first person point of view of Stella. Stella tells her life story, growing up through the 50’s and 60’s with her “strange” abilities. Turns out she can fly, move objects with her mind and even readContinue reading “Book Review: Relatively Strange by Marilyn Messik”

Book Review: Perfect Fit by Kaylee Spring

Perfect Fit by Kaylee Spring Friends Mia and Penelope are out shopping for something to wear to their high school reunion. While in one fast fashion store, Penelope runs off to deal with a feminine emergency. While she’s gone, Mia grabs various items and heads to the changing room. After trying on a pair ofContinue reading “Book Review: Perfect Fit by Kaylee Spring”

My Skincare Routine March 2021

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to be sharing my skincare routine with you. This is in no way the end all be all for skincare, this is just what I do currently and could change in the future. There are lots of products out there (so many it’s overwhelming at times) and you have toContinue reading “My Skincare Routine March 2021”

Book Review: When Abe Met Lane by Marla Holt

When Abe Met Lane by Marla Holt When Abe Met Lane by Marla Holt is a romance novella that is prequel to The Other Lane, a full length romance novel. Abe is a political lobbyist trying to get the liquor laws in Kansas loosened. Lane is a barista in a coffee shop whose owner wantsContinue reading “Book Review: When Abe Met Lane by Marla Holt”

Book Review: The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer

The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer is set in the late 2030s, four years after an event referred to as “Solar Flash” has ended the world as we know it. A totalitarian government has taken over what is now known as the “Union of the Americas of the WorldContinue reading “Book Review: The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer”

Trying At Home Laser Hair Removal

Hello Friends! Today we are talking about hair removal. If this is something you do then you will know that there are a lot of ways to do it. Shaving, waxing, epilating, creams, lasers. It’s a lot of fuss or pain to remove hair and salon laser appointments are very expensive. Recently, there has beenContinue reading “Trying At Home Laser Hair Removal”

Needle Felting a Cat

Hello Friends! Today I am going to show you my needle felting project. This is the last project for my Textiles Fundamentals class. I tried to needle felt a cat that look like my mom’s cat Charles. He is black and fluffy and I thought that would make an interesting first attempt. Here’s how itContinue reading “Needle Felting a Cat”

Learning to Weave a Houndstooth Pattern

Hello Friends! Today I’ll be showing you my weaving project. For this I decided to learn to weave a houndstooth pattern. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love houndstooth. It was actually surprisingly easy to weave, just time consuming. Let’s get started! Materials I used the following materials for my weaving project: AContinue reading “Learning to Weave a Houndstooth Pattern”