Health + Beauty Update: June 2021

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my Health and Beauty Update series. I plan to post updates every month on the health and beauty things I posted about trying as well as just how I’m doing. Let’s jump right in!

Mental Health

This is a big one for this update. I know I’ve been MIA for the last two months. I definitely overdid it in April with how often I was posting and trying to get homework done. Once May hit I didn’t have as many posts ready and an increase in homework with midterms and then finals for the Spring term made it difficult to get things ready. Especially since I was feeling very much like a shell of human being. I was dragging myself to the end of the term. I’m nearing the end of my two week break before the summer term starts and feeling much better now. I have been reading, I just need to play some catch up and write the reviews. I also have some other fashion posts planned that I need to write and take photos for and I have some assignments from last term to convert into posts. I just need to pace myself. I tend to be overambitious and throw myself into something then burn out fairly quickly so I need to pace myself so I can do everything I want consistently.

Physical Health

My physical health kind of suffers just because I’m a student. Limited budget means buying cheap food that isn’t the greatest. I eat a fair amount of mac and cheese. I often only eat twice a day and I don’t eat large portions either. This coupled with lots of homework eats away at any energy or motivation to do anything extra like exercise. Ballet starts up again next week and I go for walks with a friend every week but it doesn’t feel like enough. I have lost some strength and my already visible skeleton has become more prominent in places. This also contributes to me sometimes feeling like a shell of a human being. I plan to change this. With pandemic restrictions lifting, I should be able to find a job in the coming months so I can eat better food than mac and cheese. With exercise, I plan to start simple by walking more and then I will add in other activities over time. I have an app called Sweatcoin, I have had it for a while, it tracks your steps and you earn sweatcoins that you can put towards purchases in their shop. I got my wireless earbuds through this app. I set a goal within the app to walk an average of 4.000 steps a day for a chance to win prizes and just be more active. If you want to check Sweatcoin out, I have a referral code: If you like it, then you can share your own referral code with your friends.


Curly Girl Method

Adding water and oil daily definitely helps my curls last longer but they still get squashed. I think I need to look into getting a silk sleep cap to gather my curls into at night.

Laser Hair Removal

I think it’s been about sixteen weeks or so. There is still hair. It didn’t help that I took a three week break before hitting twelve weeks because I ran out of razors and forgot to buy more. Oops. There is definitely less hair and it is thinner so the treatments are working, my hair is just stubborn. My arms and legs where the hair was lighter and thinner to begin with seem to have the best results. Whereas my underarms and bikini area that have darker, thicker hair are a lot more stubborn. I should have seen this coming given how stubborn the hair on my head is.

That is all for this month’s update. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day!

XOXO ~ Amber Rose

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