My Workout Supplies April 2021

Hello Friends!

Today I’ll be sharing my exercise equipment/workout supplies with you. I grew up doing dance, gymnastics, cheerleading and circus. Overtime I have acquired some pieces geared towards the primarily bodyweight exercises that are done for these types of athletics. So I will be walking you through what I have and a little bit about each piece.

As always, this is no way the end all be all. This is part of what I’ve learned growing up in artistic/performance sports and is what I use and know works for me. You’re welcome to try out similar pieces of equipment if you think it will be useful to you but there is also a very wide world of exercises out there. Feel free to explore that world as much as you like to find what works for you and what doesn’t.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are great for putting down so you don’t have to exercise on the floor. They come in varying thickness to suit your personal needs. I have an thicker mat because my skeletal structure is quite prominent and my bones pressing into the floor is painful. I can still feel the floor through thinner mats so a thicker one is best for me.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for relaxing tight muscles. I just have a simple one but you can also get ones with ridges. Foam rollers are really good for larger areas like legs, back and sides.


I am not the strongest when it comes to lifting so I have two five pound weights to use when an exercise call for it.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great for getting your muscles to work harder when doing fairly basic movements. I have two that are different lengths and posses different degrees of stretch. I like to put them around my knees or ankles when doing leg exercises. I also put them around my feet when doing point and flex to work my ankles a little more.

Lacrosse Ball

I cannot tell you enough just how wonderful lacrosse balls are for releasing tight muscles. You’ve probably heard of using a tennis ball but lacrosse balls are better. They are solid which prevents them breaking the way tennis balls do if you put too much weight in them. A lacrosse ball is great for rolling out hands, feet, shoulders, neck, anywhere really. Foam rollers are great for large muscle groups and a lacrosse ball can help you get to smaller muscles and really tight knots. They are a big help if you’re hunched over work all day and your shoulders are tense. You can use your hands to roll it on your muscles or sandwich it between you and the wall for extra pressure.


The only class I’m enrolled in is an adult ballet class once a week. I have a great instructor and awesome classmates. The class has a fun and chill feeling. Being an adult class, we are all there willingly and want to learn and improve. We’ve all chosen to do this for ourselves and enjoy it.

I also follow exercise videos on YouTube from Yoga with Adrienne and Blogilates.


The only thing on my wishlist is a set of wrist and ankle weights. I want to be able to add weight to various bodyweight and ballet exercises without having to hold something in my hands. Adding the weights to ballet exercises especially, will force my muscles to work a little extra to maintain positioning and be graceful. Then , when the weights are removed the exercises will be easier to complete and look more effortless. This could especially be beneficial for my turns.

This is all of the workout supplies I have at the moment along with the one piece I want and the classes I partake in. If I had to recommend one item over everything else, it would the lacrosse ball, hands down. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a massage (myself included). Being able to roll out knot at home and relax sore muscles whenever needed is really beneficial.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have lovely day!

XOXO ~ Amber Rose

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