I’m Attempting the “Curly Girl Method”

Hello Friends!

Today we are talking about the “Curly Girl Method.” I originally heard about this from Kathleen Lights on YouTube and decided to do some research of my own. After looking at the first few search results on Google, I had an idea of what this was. Essentially it is a method of hair care to help curly hair stay curly. I have curly hair, this is very apparent when my hair is freshly washed. But throughout the week, my curls drop. My hair still retains a lot of wave and a little curl but not like when it’s fresh. I would like to have noticeable curls all the time.

My hair is fairly thick and I keep a short, layered hairstyle. I find my hair is happier when it’s cut this way. It curls easier and feels healthier. When my hair was long, it was heavy and it was a mess that I would just braid all the time to keep it out of the way. I wash my hair once a week, I don’t use any styling tools, I don’t even brush it. These help keep my hair in good health and minimize curl destruction but they still drop. I have since learned that regularly adding moisture and maybe using gel can help. There are also ingredients to avoid because they dry out the hair. Let’s give the “Curly Girl Method” a try..

My hair a few hours after being washed.

Here are the websites I looked at:



Here is an A-Z list of CGM approved products.

Shampoo + Conditioner

For shampoo and conditioner, I have this Avocado & Quinoa Anti-Frizz set from Botanicals. These were in my stocking at Christmas and my mom didn’t notice the fine print that says “removes unwanted wave.” We’ll say if they reduce my natural curl or if they just reduce frizz. You are supposed to avoid shampoo but I find it helps clear any build up on my scalp especially since I have short hair and any product I apply to the ends also gets on my scalp.

Leave-In Conditioner/Mask

Next up I have these 1 Minute Hair Masks that can also be used as leave in conditioners from Garnier Fructis. I came across these at my local drugstore and thought they might be good for adding/locking in moisture that would be beneficial for my curls. I plan on alternating between the two whenever I wash my hair.

Hair Oil

I have been using hair oils for years. I find they help reduce frizz and leave my hair feeling soft. The one I’m currently using is a Coconut Milk Anti-Break Serum from OGX. I’m a little more than half way through this and I do not plan on repurchasing. I find it to be too thick/heavy and just leaves my hair feeling oily. I’ll use it up for now and look for something lighter when it runs out.


I read that soft hold gels can be good for keeping curls in place on days when your hair is exposed to the elements. I picked up this Pure Clean Styling Gel from Garnier Fructis at my local drugstore. It says it’s hold is 3 out of 5. Here’s hoping it will help keep the curl without feeling stiff or crunchy.


I mostly leave my hair as is without using any tools. Occasionally I will round brush my bangs or pin curl them and sometimes I’ll put decorative pins in my hair. But, other than that and a half-up do for ballet, I leave my hair to do what it wants.

This is what I am starting out with on my “Curly Girl Method” transformation. I’ll probably learn more about my hair and what it needs as I go and can adapt along the way. Here’s hoping that in a few months time my curls will have better staying power and maybe be more defined.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a lovely day!

XOXO ~ Amber Rose

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