Book Review: The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer

The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer

I received a free review copy of this book via Voracious Readers Only. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer is set in the late 2030s, four years after an event referred to as “Solar Flash” has ended the world as we know it. A totalitarian government has taken over what is now known as the “Union of the Americas of the World Federation” and is claiming to rescue survivors while actually enslaving them. There is, however, a community in the mountains, untouched by the governing forces but aware of the threat they pose. Follow along with the stories of runners from townships to “Three Mountains Community” and as the community itself prepares to fight for free will with surprising technology and giant birds.

As the first book in the New Earth Chronicles, The Augur’s View certainly makes me want to read the rest. This is a very dynamic and well-timed story with wild events or moments of peace in places that felt right and aided the story. Even though it ended on a cliff-hanger, there are no loose ends. Everything that happens has a purpose and helps the characters to learn, grow, and adapt. They deal with surprising twists, face fears, and overcome prejudices. The various storylines are woven together in a very intricate and well thought out manner. It was certainly a captivating read and I didn’t want to put the book down (or rather my phone, you get what I mean).

Containing no sexual content along with minimal violence and swearing, The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer would be suitable for most age groups. The fantastical elements of this story are sure to excite anyone’s imagination. There’s giant birds that humans can ride on, who wouldn’t have fun with that. If you like reading about different post-apocalyptic scenarios or you’re just in it for the giant birds, I would highly recommend The Augur’s View.

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XOXO ~ Amber Rose

One thought on “Book Review: The Augur’s View by Victoria Lehrer

  1. Dear Amber Rose, What a lovely surprise to get your review. Thank you so much for for you thoughttul articulation of the storyline, and your response to it. I particularly appreciate you encouraging readers with phrases like “sure to excite anyone’s imagination. Thank you for the observatiion of storylines woven together in a well thoughtout and intricate manner. I was so happy you found it a captivating read and didn’t want to put the book down and would recommend it to others.
    My fourth book in the series is being edited now. The book following The Augurs View is The Triskeiion. If you’d like a copy I’ll be glad to mail you one. My email is below with name and website.

    Thank you again, Amber Rose for your very helpful review!

    Vicki Johnston
    (Victoria Lehrer

    Above info also below:

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