Needle Felting a Cat

Hello Friends!

Today I am going to show you my needle felting project. This is the last project for my Textiles Fundamentals class. I tried to needle felt a cat that look like my mom’s cat Charles. He is black and fluffy and I thought that would make an interesting first attempt. Here’s how it went.


  • Foam Block (to felt on)
  • Needle (holder is optional)
  • Wool Roving (I show black and pink here but also use white and yellow)


I started by making the body. For this I shaped the wool to kind of bean/ heart shaped then started stabbing with the needle. I stabbed the wool on all sides until I had the shape how I wanted it. Or until I thought it looked sort of cat like.


Next, I did the head. Same idea here. I shaped the wool into a ball and stabbed it until I was happy. For the head, I also had to go back and add to increase the size.


The ears were very fiddly to make. Trying to make small flat triangles is no joke and was probably what took the longest. They still ended up being too big for the head but that’s okay for my first try.


For the eyes, I took a small amount of fibres, rolled them into a ball, then stabbed them into place. I did the same with a few fibres of black to make pupils.

Attach Head

To attach the head, I just placed it on top of the body and stabbed. I used the needle from head into neck and from neck into head to get the fibres to join and hold the head in place.


Next is the tail. For this, I shaped the wool into a loose tube and once I got it to start holding together, formed the tubed into a question mark. Charles has a big fluffy tail so I didn’t want to felt this too tightly. I wanted to get the shape while still having volume.

White Spot

The last piece is the little white spot on Charles’ chest. I did the same thing here as for the eyes. Taking a very small amount of wool, rolling into into a sort of triangular ball and felting it into place.

Final Reveal

Here is the final cat! It doesn’t really look like Charles, other than the tail. The tail is spot on. My mom said it looks like a mouse. I can see that since the ears are way to big for the head. I think it looks a bit the a creepy ghost kitty. Either way, not very accurate but not terrible for a first attempt. I will try again some other time.

I also have a YouTube video about this project. Feel free to give it a watch!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a lovely day!

XOXO ~ Amber Rose

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