Book Review: The Hitman’s Desire by T. Steele

The Hitman’s Desire by T. Steele

I received a free electronic copy of this book via Voracious Readers Only. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

The Hitman’s Desire by T. Steele takes place in Detroit and follows what happens in the life of Ruby DeFrank when she suddenly finds out that her “dead” father is a mob boss. Ruby’s life is turned upside down and she has to leave everything behind. She enters a world of money, power, and death. Ruby is nearly killed several times and forms a forbidden romance with her father’s personal assassin, John Russo. This can’t be good, or can it?

Explicit Content Warning: Thus book is very heavy with sex and violence. There are very few chapters that don’t contain explicit sex scenes. This is an R rated book, so be warned. It’s all very descriptive, the sex is intense and the violence is gory. Nothing is glossed over, so be prepared.

That being said, The Hitman’s Desire is an enjoyable read. The descriptive writing is powerful and the events draw you in. My only qualm is that the story is lacking at points that are supposed to be romantic. The romantic portions become overly cheesy and use some tired clichés. They’re somewhat reminiscent of bad romance movies. There isn’t a lot of true romance in the book so it’s not a huge issue and maybe it’s something the author can work on.

If you love some steamy passion and you can handle some gruesome violence, then give this book a read. If you’re over 18 and want a different take on mafia in media, The Hitman’s Desire by T. Steele could be just what you need.

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XOXO ~ Amber Rose

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