Book Review: The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland

The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland

I received a free electronic review copy of this book from Voracious Readers Only. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland is an epic fantasy set in the fictional world of Telor. Kaell is one of Khir’s bonded warriors, destined to slaughter ghouls and die young. As the 19th bonded warrior there is a prophecy about him that no one is willing to face or discuss, even if it determines the fate of the land. The lords of the land can’t even seem to get along. Disputes, jealousies, and doubts could tear Telor apart while Khir’s prophecy could mean addition threats from the outside. Can they get it together or will everything fall to ruin?

I was not ready for this book to end. The depth, details, and layers to this book are delicious. You’re constantly in suspense and asking questions. Moments of calm do not last long. A lot of thought and attention to detail was put into this book to ensure that everything happening fit. There are no loose ends despite how packed full of excitement the book is.

I love The 19th Bladesman! It’s the first in a series, so it ended on a cliffhanger, which made me want to scream. I did not want the book to end. I was not ready for it. But it ended and I feel a strong need to read the rest of the series because the first book was so compelling. It’s fantastical, adventurous, action-packed, magical, and just a hint romantic.

If you love fantasy, this book is for you. Truly, I would recommend The 19th Bladesman to anyone.

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XOXO ~ Amber Rose

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