Book Review: An Unexpected Kind by Angela K. Parker

An Unexpected Kind by Angela K. Parker

I recieved a free electronic copy of this book through Voracious Readers Only. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

An Unexpected Kind by Angela K Parker is a short, youth romance novel. It alternates in point of view between the two main characters Bradley Pierce and Samantha Young. Part one details each character’s first experience with love in high school. Samantha and Bradley attend different schools, do not know each other and have very different experiences. While Bradley is ready to accept love in his life, Samantha has built a fortress around herself and wants nothing to do with it. Part two takes place a few years later when the two main characters end up at the same college and meet for the first time.

Just like any romance, this book is a bit cheesy. However, there are also elements of realism to it. I think young adults could relate to some of the events that take place and some of the emotions that are expressed. Although, their own experiences likely didn’t happen as perfectly as they do in book. It was certainly an enticing read. I found myself routing for the characters and hoping that everything would work out for the best. I would love to read the rest of the series and find out what drama ensues.

I must as add an Explicit Content Warning for this book. Teens and young adults are very hormonal and this is shown in the text. There are several bits of explicit detail thoughout the book as well as one short sex scene. If these types of things make you uncomfortable, don’t read this book. I found that the explicit content flowed quite seamlessly and naturally with the story. They were written in such a way as to not make them overt, they kind of just fit in to place.

I must commend the descriptive writing abilities of Angela K Parker. Her descriptions are short, concise and clear. She doesn’t ramble whatsoever. She uses a few choice words to get the image across and it is very effective.

I would reccomend this book mostly for young adults that are close in age with characters. Someone a lot older might feel uncomfortable reading about teens being explicit. If you like romance, give it a go. This book is a short read and could be a light break in anyone’s pile of books.

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