Unique Vintage Haul May 2020

I recently received an order of dresses from Unique Vintage.

If you haven’t heard of Unique Vintage, it is a clothing website that sells vintage inspired clothing. They carry a variety of brands and the clothes are inspired by styles that were popular during the 20th century.

I placed this order when I saw an ad showing that they had a $25 Dress Shop (CAD $39). These dresses regularly retail for over $100 and were selling out fast, I missed out on two dresses that I really wanted.

The $25 Dress Shop has since closed and the pieces are no longer available. But, I thought I would share with you the six dresses that I scooped up and absolutely love.

Smak Parlour Red & White Gingham Wildflower Print Halter High Arrival Fit & Flare Dress

This little number is red and white gingham with florals. It is incredibly cute and super comfortable to wear. This one also has pockets. My roommate and I keep joking that I’m the cutest picnic around when I wear this. I got this dress in a size small since they sold out of extra small. The fit is still quite good so I may not need to take it in like I thought I would.

Smak Parlour 1970s Style Blue Denim Cotton For Keeps Fit & Flare Dress

I’m not normally a 70s person but this dress is super cute and looks slightly nautical which I really like. The band detail on the front adds some interest as well as the piping on the patch pockets. The fabric is a lightweight denim which feels high quality and dress is comfortable to wear. I got this dress in an extra small.

Smak Parlour Black & White Cat Print Pretty Woke Faux Wrap Flare Dress

This dress is my mom’s favourite. We’re a bit of a cat obsessed family, both of my parent grew up with cats and we have two at home with my parents. I could not pass this up when I saw it. The faux wrap fit and flare is a flattering style and the cat print is just too adorable. The fabric is also super soft and the dress is incredibly comfortable. I got this in an extra small.

Smak Parlour Black & White Gingham Embroidered Floral Pretty Woke Faux Wrap Flare Dress

This dress is probably my least favourite. I love the gingham and floral pattern (I love almost anything with gingham and/or flowers). The dress has a very flattering cut. It’s just the fabric. The fabric feels like plastic. It’s not horrible to wear and I will get use out of it, just not on incredibly hot days since being plastic, it is not breathable. I would certainly like this dress more if it were made from a different fabric that didn’t just feel like plastic. I got this dress in an extra small.

Smak Parlour Navy & White Gingham Half Sleeve Ruffle Riot Fit & Flare Dress

I love this dress. My mom thinks it looks like it’s straight out of the 50s. The fabric is a thick, stretchy crepe that feels somewhat spongy and is super soft and comfortable. Obviously, I love gingham and navy is an easy to wear colour. There’s also pockets, you can never go wrong with pockets. I got this dress in as extra small.

Unique Vintage 1960s Black Velvet Short Sleeve Stretch Mod Wiggle Dress

I just realized that this is the only dress I purchased that is not Smak Parlour branded. I really like this Little Black Dress, I think it will work for various occasions. It fits wells and has some interesting seam detailing to improve the shape and fit so it’s more flattering. The velvet is incredibly soft and the stretch allows a lot of movement. The walking kick/kick pleat at the back also helps when walking so you don’t feel like you’re waddling. I got this dress in an extra small.

Those were the dresses that I purchased and plan to love immensely. I want to wear dresses more so I decided to add a few to my collection.

Feel free to let me know which dress is your favourite in the comments.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.

~ XOXO Amber Rose

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