Welcome To My Blog!

My name is Amber Rose! I go by Rose or Rosie for short.

This blog is a place for me to share various things that I love. Namely

  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Sewing

You can read more on these topics below.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy your time here!

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As an avid reader, I can spend hours lost in a book. I will be reviewing books from a variety of genres. I’ll share my thoughts on the books I read and why I absolutely love them or maybe don’t love them so much.



As a fashion design student, this is certainly an area of interest. Fashion means something different to everyone and we all have our own unique style. This will be a lot of me playing around with different clothes. But, there will also be some information about clothing, fashion and the industry that I learn in my studies.

Health + Beauty

Beauty is for personal fun. I will share some makeup, pampering, and care things that I like to do and make me feel good. I will also share exercises and parts of my journey as I work toward building up my strength and flexibility as well as regaining the skills that I lost when I injured my hip a few years ago. I’m hoping that sharing my progress will help keep me motivated while I restart my training.


As previously mentioned, I’m a Fashion Design student. I’ve been sewing since 2014 and am currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. Here you’ll be able to find the pieces that I make and the process for making future pieces. I’ll also share some sewing tricks that I learn in class as well as other fun, sewing related info.


To be continued…

Life is ever-changing and no one knows what the future holds. As my life evolves so will my blog. It could expand and have additional content categories added or it could seize to suit my life and be left behind. Whatever happens, feel free to stick around and be a part of it.